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6 Alternative Sources To Learn Dutch Fast

Dutch sources to pick up the language fast

So. You want to learn Dutch. Fast. There are some really great Ted talks about the secrets of learning a language. Usually you'll see how a savvy polyglot mastered languages after language and at the end you are wondering how this will work for you. It might not.

It's not the fault of the Dutch language. Or yours. It simply can be a pain to learn a language. With a little wit, Dutch sources can be readily found. Let's skip some obvious ones like YouTube. What are some of the best? I'll give you six.

Six alternative sources to learn Dutch

1. Spotify

Spotify features some great 'Nederlands'. Of course there is the music. To really boost your Dutch, find a playlist with songs that have understandable lyrics and not too much slang. Artists like Suzan & Freek or Maan might do the trick. And don't forget about the podcasts. LinguaBoost has one.

2. Instagram

If you're taking a break from social media, good for you. When you're still scrolling, make sure to catch some Dutch. There are several accounts that carry original content. Just search for: 'learn Dutch' and you'll find an account to your tastes. Or follow mine.

3. Reddit

Reddit hosts a subreddit called learndutch and there is plenty of action. You can find a language buddy, ask your questions or read the answers to other Dutch learner questions. It's a great alternative source to find like-minded students and the occasional meme about how Dutch can be a pain.

4. Tandem

It is a social app where you can find a language buddy. A great feature of Tandem is that you can exchange language skills and it has a cool way to correct each other's written language. You can also send audio messages or even video call. Be aware of people who think it works like Tinder.

5. Lyricstraining

It's a fun way to mix it up. You can listen to Dutch music and you have to fill in the gaps of the lyrics. It's a good way to get ready for conversation and is guaranteed to keep you focused on Dutch. At least for a few days. But sometimes that's all you need.

6. Busuu

An alternative to DuoLingo. Busuu really tries to set foot on Dutch ground. It's not terrible. So if you want to change your routine a bit, Busuu can definitely give you the needed motivation to keep your Dutch going.

The secret to learning Dutch is to change your ways. Don't get stuck on a 113 day streak on DuoLingo, don't listen nonstop to the same radio station. Mix it up. Try new things. Try at least one of these six alternative sources. You'll see that you can master Dutch too. Just like that Ted guy.

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