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Look at any 'most popular languages to learn' list and you'll discover Dutch is not there. Not in the top 5. Or 10. True, Dutch is no Mandarin or Arabic, but does that mean Dutch is unattractive? Ha! Dutch is booming and for good reason.

1. Dutch roots

After WW II, 'Dutchies' in search of new beginnings immigrated on a large scale. Their destination? New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the USA. The Dutch spread and over time, blended in with their new countries. Undeniably, Dutch roots have grown deep and even though a new generation has been born outside The Netherlands, Dutch last names give away a rich history. And there are always family members back home, who do speak Dutch. If this is you, speaking Dutch is just part of connecting with your heritage. Dutch should be on your list.

2. Family

Your partner is Dutch. Hooray for you. It's highly likely that your language of choice is English. Or Spanish. Anything else, except Dutch. Is that a problem? Not necessarily. You can probably suffice with a few pet names, like 'schatje' or 'liefje'. But what about the in-laws... and beloved great-auntie Willemijn? Adding basic Dutch to your skill set would greatly enhance your confidence, comfort, and success. But the strongest motivation for learning Dutch is having kids, Dutch kids. Will you know what your partner or their school friends are saying to them? Dutch should be on the list.

"The Dutch are the best non-native English speakers in the world. That is exactly why Dutch should be on your list. This is where you make the difference."
- Kees Wolfs

3. Education

Coming to Wageningen, Rotterdam, Leiden, Maastricht, or Amsterdam?

Prestigious Dutch universities offer a wide array of world-class English courses and students from all over the world flock to these institutes like bears to honey. And they tend to stick. Can you survive speaking English all day? Yes. Do you think it would ruin your stay when you learn Dutch? Learning Dutch will easily put you on the path to glory. Also here, Dutch should be on your list.

4. Work

Have you heard that the Dutch boost some serious heavyweight companies? It's true, but there is more. The Dutch are very entrepreneurial minded and Amsterdam can be seen as the unofficial 'startup capitol of the world'. So whether you are thinking about joining a giant like Philips or a unicorn-to-be, knowing Dutch will take your career to the next level. Are you constantly reading on your LinkedIn job offers to " speak a second West-European language", which one do you think they could be referring to? Indeed, Dutch should be on your list.

Dutch is a very appealing language to learn because of its clearcut rules. Read about that here. Even when your reason did not make it to this list, Dutch is within your reach.

Master Dutch offers private online Dutch lessons, designed to let you understand Dutch fast. Discover how Dutch works.


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