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How will I learn Dutch?

Dutch has a rhythm, logic, and is appealing to the eyes.

When you discover how Dutch makes sense, it will be far easier to pick up (read: less hard). 


What we won't be doing:

No books

Not because we want to cut corners or be cheap. There is nothing wrong with books.

However, in a language class, books are downright personalization killers. When you are stuck to chapters, it will prevent you from using your capacity to explore Dutch at your own pace (and that's where the growth is).

Let alone you'll dodge those brain-deadening multiple-choice textbook chores.


No situational settings

I am not going to teach you how to order a coffee. Or the colors of the rainbow.

It's limiting, restrictive, and will curb your Dutch appetite.

And you can do that in your own time.

What we will do:

Personalized lesson plan

No books doesn't mean no structure. You will own your lesson plan. And we will build it from scratch.

Every lesson plan is different. All lesson plans contain the key to master Dutch.

Build your Dutch fortress

Learning a language is like constructing a building. Whether you have to start with the foundation or are already finessing the fine details, I'll hand you the right building material at the right moment. 

We will do it together

I know, you'll be the one learning Dutch. But we will celebrate milestones. 

I will not judge you when you seem to forget everything, and I will be there to lift you up when you think you are plateauing (you'll thank me later).

Image by Edge2Edge Media
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