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Test your real
Dutch level!

This test gives an accurate outcome between A1 to C1.

The new favorite way
to boost your Dutch

With a team of experts in the Dutch Language we have created a platform solely dedicated to learning Dutch — either by yourself with our various learning resources, or with one of our accomplished tutors.

Legit Tutors

Learn from tutors who have experience, credentials, and speak Dutch like your neighbor.


No rigid course material.

We are adaptable and versatile.

Your Dutch, your way.


Our method is designed to take you from A to B. 

A1 to B2 that is.

Your new favorite classes

  • 45 min

    12.50 euros
  • 1 hr

    60 euros
Group sessions

Starting from 160 euros

Free Games

Strengthen your Dutch with these fun games!

The company will donate a large amount to the charity.

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